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integration of design and materials to provide a cost effective solution 

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Halton Hills Retreat

Silo House


A modern farmhouse is simply a combination of the rustic farmhouse aesthetic with  clean lines and contemporary designs. 

This mixing and matching of the farmhouse and contemporary styles result in a simple look, warm feel home with a modern twist. Various materials with natural textures are used to accent the  modern farmhouse vibes.


If the city is like some large house and the house in turn like some small city, cannot the varied parts of the house … be considered miniature buildings?”


– Leon Battista Alberti





Lac Whittaker Quebec 





















Water Front Chemong Lake 










Garage-Living and Sleeping are separated into 3 modules joined by glass walk ways. 








 Carlisle 2800 SF 








St. Catharine's Ontario  7100 SF 2022






Stoney Creek Lake Shore Road Spring  Same Gender House

2 Bedroom Residence with Roof Deck allowing lake side views.

"Housing design has been seen too much in terms of the needs of mothers with young children. Further, the divisions of gender and class status are formed within housing design, not as a product of it, but as a part of the design process and the building itself."